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2001-07-Miller_Working.jpg (515989 bytes)  Steve Miller working the shovel while Wayne Allen works the boom (Jul 2001)

  Brian Loberg (Lineman), Ray Weirick (Crew Foreman) and Steve Miller (Operator) after a muggy toter job in Tempe (approx 2000)

2001-07-Eyring_Easement_Changeout.jpg (511757 bytes)  Darren Eyring on a climber with Ric Chatwood (Jul 2001)

2001-05-Norton_At_Transformer.jpg (511861 bytes)  Tom Norton (Lineman) changing out pad mount transformer that was hit by car in an alley (May 2001)

  Ric Chatwood helping change out an easement transformer in Tempe, AZ (Jul 2001)

  Jeff Wright (approx 1999)

Wright-Olgi-Jibbin.jpg (691873 bytes)  Jeff Wright Lineman and John Ogilvie Lineman (approx 1999)

1999-Woods-Blankenship-On-Ladder.jpg (702633 bytes)  Mike Woods and Mike Blankenship as apprentices in tower training (1999)

1-Thornton_Phase_Down.jpg (567016 bytes)   Al Thornton observing that #6 solid energized wire & asphalt do not mix (approx 1999)

MDH-John-Friddle.jpg (670925 bytes)  John Friddle Jr. (Senior Dispatcher) I interrupted his dinner

  Evan Crank (approx 1998)

1-Manriquez.jpg (505009 bytes)  Eddie Manriquez (approx 1999)

Happy_Gillespie.jpg (829180 bytes)  Gary Gillespie (approx 1999)

  Dwight Blankenship, Jim Nelson, Auggie Lara & Bob Bell (approx 1998)

1998-11-Weir-Elgin-Friend-Guiding-Steel-Pole.jpg (566977 bytes)  Steve Weir, Kenny Elgin and George Friend guiding an A90 to it's final destination (Nov 1998)

1998-11-Dwight-At-Desk.jpg (767397 bytes)  Dwight Blankenship straightening out the books at the end of a long day (Nov 1998)

Yniguez-Al.jpg (648469 bytes)  Al Ynignuez - Senior Dispatcher (1997)

2-Leonard.jpg (456174 bytes)  Leonard Alexander Fixing lights (approx 1996)


Class of 1991 - Graduation Ceremony



1986-Vinny-Darren-Scooters.jpg (147763 bytes)  Vinny Gonzalez & Darren Eyring reading meters on scooters (1986)




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